2023.07.26 11:03


We offer a wide array of services for our customers.

Phone / Laptop Computer Screen & Component Replacement

From iPhones to Laptops, we can replace just about every screen for any device you have.

Data Recovery / Secure Erasure

We offer Data recovery for devices ranging from Android devices to Server computers. We also offer a Secure Erasure service with a Certificate Of Data Destruction with each drive.

We do have a flat rate per device, for physical destruction / certification of the physical destruction of the drive / device.

Damaged Electronics Troubleshooting / Specialty Repair

For business critical systems, or expensive, specialty equipment we offer board level inspection and repair of your devices. (Please consult the manufacturer if you are still under Warranty)

Networking And Bespoke Managed Services

  • Do you want all of the modern security benefits and ease-of-use with Managed Networking?
  • Are you wanting a custom solution for your business tech needs that large providers don’t provide?
  • Do you need someone to set up your new fleet of computers for your office?

We can help. In both Homes and Businesses we are able to provide enterprise level networking and managed services.

Are there services we didn’t explicitly list?

Fear not! Please connect with us to see if we are able to provide a solution to your problem!