About Us

2023.07.11 10:24


HeardIT LLC provides cost effective yet powerful solutions to the every day person, and small businesses. There is a wide offering of services from us. Visit our Services page for a more detailed list! They include but are not limited to: Phone screen repair, computer screen repair, data recovery and backup.

About our Team


has been in the IT sector for over a decade. First serving as the in-building IT technician for the small town school he was a student of. He’s always been the kind of person that enjoys getting broken things to figure out how they work, and fixing them. Being an Austin resident his whole life, he’s been involved with community events for nearly fifteen years, behind the scenes, for events such as our annual Freedom Festival, Mower County Fair, and the Albert Lea Figure Skating Club. Community service is a part of who Cameron is. He hopes to serve you!


Business is Cameron’s way to offer large city services in the small town we love. Because even technology needs that small town feel.

How we’re different than conglomeratized repair:

  • No mailing out to large service centers, keeping you away from your device for weeks. Repairs happen locally, in the basement of Cameron’s home, in his electronics Workshop.
  • No overboard pricing. There are no hidden fees, or mysterious surcharges. If our quote to you changes, we ask you beforehand and send you an updated quote.
  • We respect your data privacy. Our Data recovery servers self erase after every recovery, or backup. So if you have years and years of family photos on that old Gateway from 2004, rest assured, we are not saving your data. For more information please visit our Services page.